Drawer 2.0 is a private and non-commercial Blog, which is written due to personal interest and with will for discussion on the covered subjects. The views and opinions with this Blog represent my own and not those of people, institutions or organizations I am affiliated with unless stated explicitly. The Blog is not affiliated with, neither does it represent the views, position or attitudes of my employer(s), their clients, or any of their affiliated companies.

My thoughts, opinions and viewpoints tend change as I learn more and develop my understanding of the issues I am blogging about. I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind and oppenly addressing sensible issues and engaging in constructive dialog. I reserve the right to allow my viewpoints to evolve and to change my thoughts, viewpoints, and opinions over time without assigning any reason.

Quotations within this Blog are intended to be used under a policy of personal use. The use of any Trademark or Copyrighted material is not intended to infringe Copyright.

All original content on this Blog is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Linked and quoted content is Copyright of the respective Owner(s). I have no control over, nor am I responsible for, the content of any other site, changes in a site’s content done after the time of linking, or any other products or services that may be offered through other sites.

If you quote any content from Drawer 2.0, please link back to the Blog. If you wish to use any content from this Blog, please inform me.

For transparency reasons, if I need to change an already published post, the old text will appear strikedthrough and new text will follow, all marked in red (e.g.: old text new text).
Possible reasons are minor corrections, preciser formulation, or post scriptum notes. Such a change will not affect the content of the post or the opinion expressed within it.

Privacy Policy

All commenter contact information is regarded in the strictest privacy and is not lent, bought, sold or otherwise traded or passed to anybody. Commenter are advised to use a pseudonym if they wish to stay anonymous.

The WordPress platform deploys analytics tools which use “Cookies” and store data, such as IP addresses, on different servers (amongst others in the USA). This is beyond my control.
Install the following browser add-ons (the following links are to be considered as recommendation, the developer is responsible for the application’s content and function):

Even better – use TOR (The Onion Routing):

Comments Policy

Comments on the Blog are welcomed. I do not expect everyone to agree with the viewpoint(s) represented in this Blog and welcome fruitful dialog. However, comments that are, or contain, libelous, abusive, racist or offensive language will not be tolerated. All comments posted on Drawer 2.0 are the views of their author and by allowing of them does not imply that the I agree with their contents.

By posting a comment to Drawer 2.0 you agree to the Comments Policy. If you do not agree with the Comments Policy please do not post comments to the Blog.

Professional Non-Disclosure Policy

My (the Blog’s author) employer(s) should be assured that, if I work for them, I will not be writing here about any work-related discussions within or outside work, good or bad relationships, proprietary information, or stories that would be detrimental to the employer. I adhere to the terms of confidentiality and non-disclosure and the highest professional expectations as agreed upon with my employer.


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